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JK's dedicated and experienced hair restoration team is here for you.

JK Exclusive Hair Transplant Center

Specialized Technique

Hair transplantation requires a careful approach and experience. It requires professional plastic surgery skills for the entire process including harvesting and transplanting for a high engraftment rate.

Professional Experience

JK Plastic Surgery Center is dedicated to providing the best hair transplantation for our customers. Our 10 years of experience and mastered techniques bring out a natural looking result and high rate of hair survival.

Highly Trained Team

JK셲 professional team has over 10 years of experience together lead by a specialized surgeon with years of experience in hair transplantation. They have worked together to provide optimal results at JK셲 exclusive Hair Transplantation Center.

JK셲 Hairline Design

JK셲 surgeons perform a design approach method for customers 100% satisfaction and are dedicated to improving their methods through endless research and study.

Quick and Accurate

Hair survival rate is influenced by the amount of time each follicle is exposed. JK셲 professional team offers survival rates of up to 98%.

Double Check Technique

Slit method of hair implantation is done manually, and requires high concentration and careful treatment. The direction of the hair is double-checked when making slits and planting for accuracy.

Pores made by a slit are very small, but a fol-licle easily can be inserted beacause the skin and follicles are very elastic hair transplant double check technique
  1. hair transplant double check technique
    High Density
    Our highly experienced surgeon uses a slit method that allows easy control of bleeding and dense packing of the graft up to 75%. This technique brings much better results than the traditional punch method.
    hair transplant high density
  2. Customized Hair Restoration
    The holes are made based on each patient셲 different lengths of follicle, so the scars at the transplanted area are very small and natural.
    customized hair restoration
  3. the most advanced technique in the world
    The most medically advanced counties such as U.S. Canada and Europe only perform slit method for hair transplantation.
Daily limit in procedure

Because slit method of hair implantation is done manually, it requires high concentration and careful treatment. At JK Plastic Surgery Center, in order to achieve the best results, we restrict the number of surgeries per day. We do this so that our hair transplant specialists can stay focused and energized to perform at their best.

One day consultation & surgery system

You can begin your hair transplantation surgery immediately after consultation. We also have online consultation services for those who live locally or internationally.

Cost Effective

JK provides a comparatively low surgery price and has JK셲 own well-trained hair follicle separating team. We have a dedicated team for follicle separation that results in higher savings for you while maintaining a high survival rate of hair.

Guaranteed Results

JK promises to provide any desired corrective treatment free of charge through a personal consultation one year after the surgery.